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Alon Hason
Jewelry Designer

So how did it all started?

Traveling and art have always been my love, but the strong connection to the art of jewelry caught me in late 1994 in Nepal, when I met a member of a veteran jeweler family who produces jewelry for royalty. For many months I watched, studied and specialized in ancient techniques for designing metals and here I made the decision that this is it, I found what I loved.

After a year in Nepal I found myself chasing precious stones in Rajasthan, designing and producing art in tiny workshops in Jaipur, where I launched my first collection inspired by ancient times.

After 4 fascinating years in the East I was invited to New York to showcase my collection and create a base of regular customers. The big breakthrough began in 2009 when I was invited to exhibit at the IJT International Trade Show, and since then it’s all history.

After a decade of artistic growth, good exposure and loyal customers from all over the world, I opened the AloniJewelry art gallery at 190 Dizengoff Street in Tel Aviv and since then I have been designing custom jewelry for my clients.

Aloni Jewelry

Find your inspiration

Designs that combine East and West

Designing handmade luxury jewelry as individual and unique items of its kind.

Alon Hasson, a jewelry designer in Tel Aviv, designs and manufactures jewelry with a personal design.

In my jewelry collection you can find disposable and custom designs that were made exclusively for customers and jewelry that I designed according to a particular vision.

I would be happy to design a unique and personal piece of jewelry that will suit your style.

Behind every piece of jewelry hides a story …

So what’s your story?

Is the desired piece of jewelry a sentimental memory, or perhaps an expression of a beloved subject.

My inspiration for jewelry design, for example, comes from the time I was in the Far East and became acquainted with goldsmiths who specialize in ancient techniques for designing gold and precious metals combined with precious gems.

Because every piece is born from an idea, tailored to the mind with a sketch that materializes in a unique piece of jewelry, especially for you!

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